The Speech the New Labour Leader Should Give

It is apparent as the nose on?Barbara?Streisand’s face that Labour?has?to roll Phil Goff. If that were to happen their new leader would need to really break with the past. This si what he should have in his speech.

The Speech the New Labour Leader should give

Thank you all and I am grateful for the faith the Labour Caucus has shown in electing me as their leader going into the 2011 election. Labour has needed to change direction, and I will be providing the leadership that allows Labour to change direction.

This is a hip pocket election. Middle New Zealand is hurting, and hurting badly. There is only so long John Key can go on about aspiration before someone asks him ?When is the aspiration going to show up as in dollars in my bank account??

On behalf of middle New Zealand I will be asking John Key what he has done to make all our lives better. He cannot just put up new hoardings saying ?Building a Brighter Future?. I want John Key to be up front with New Zealanders and tell us when that future will arrive.

John you have had three years and we are still waiting.

I want all New Zealanders to understand that I am here to represent those who work the hardest, not those that complain the loudest. I know how much the economic downturn has put pressure on New Zealand families, and how we need a government that understands what it means to be under financial pressure.

A Labour lead government will concentrate on growing the economy for the benefit of all New Zealanders, not just John Key’s mates at the top end of town. We will do this by encouraging people to work, not to stick their hand out, to see the state as a safety net for those in need, not an ATM for those who can earn for themselves.

We also understand that we can?t ask New Zealanders to tighten their belts when the government sector isn?t tightening theirs. Labour believes in a strong state sector, but we do not believe that we have to protect it at all costs. New Zealanders are hurting financially, and cuts will need to be made to ease this hurt.

The Labour Party understands that New Zealand has moved on from the Helen Clark era. We know people are hurting, and we need to help all New Zealanders get ahead.

Labour will reconnect with its roots, the men and women who work for a living, and are proud to do so. These days workers are more often contractors than employees, small business people, not union members and concerned more about regulations getting in the way of their business rather than taking on the management. These people share Labour?s principles.

What has happened is Labour has moved away from these people, and I am sending a clear message that a Labour Party lead by me is moving back. We will listen to you, and we share your concerns about the direction New Zealand is going in.

We will work to make it easier for tradies to do business, for the hair dressing salon to deal with compliance issues and we will listen to your concerns about too many taking too much from the state ? at your expense.

New Zealand has moved on from the last decade, and Labour has now moved on too. We will not be campaigning to be a government that looks after minorities, or a government that goes back to the nanny state, we will be campaigning on a platform of growing New Zealand for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Treaty issues are have been largely dealt with. Injustice has been replaced with fair settlements, and all New Zealanders need to realise that the Treaty gravy train has to come to an end when the final settlements are made. Maoridom has been given the opportunity to shape their own destiny with the Treaty settlements they have received, and a Labour led government will encourage them to forge ahead, not stick their hands out for more.

Labour will not hold the mantra that all government spending is good, because it isn?t. Government departments are inefficient and require reviews and fine tuning just as any organisation does, and when times are tough we cannot expect hard working New Zealanders to pay for an excessive government sector that holds back economic growth.

We have a deficit that John Key has grown to historic highs, saddling all New Zealanders with debt that one day we will have to pay back. Paying back our debt is hard when young New Zealanders still want to build their brighter future overseas.

To cut the deficit New Zealand needs to control governments spending and increase tax revenue. When times are tough those who can afford to pay the most need to be asked to contribute the most. We cannot control the deficit through cuts alone, we need to increase the tax take, and we need to spread that burden fairly over all New Zealanders.

The Labour party will campaign hard on the issues that matter to New Zealand, growing our economy, helping all New Zealand get ahead, not just John Key?s wealthy mates become wealthier. We need to let middle New Zealand drive economic growth by giving them the chance to get ahead, rather than giving tax breaks to the top 2%.

Tomorrow I will outline the new policies Labour will be running on, and the policies we will be abandoning. Today I will leave you with the question, ?Are you better off under John Key than you were under Labour??