The things people say

This comment was left on the blog overnight:

Trev 1 ? Blub?ber?fucked?bymy?daddy nil. Keep blog?ging cunt, We live to?hate,

I don’t mind smart or witty comments/abuse and I certainly don’t mind the usual trolls that inhabit here, but this one just really pissed me off.

An annoyed Whale can be very unpleasant.

“Axle” unfortunately is dumber than a sack of hammers. He used this email address: alexburton[at]

The domain is registered to the NZ Film Archive. A quick search of their site shows that Alex Burton is the Manager Production.

The NZ Film Archive is 85% funded by various government agencies.

I’m not sure that abusing people using their work email address is covered by their staff internet usage policy. I think I will find out.