These guys could give Labour here a hand

Phil Goff’s good mate in South Australia, Mike Rann, got handed his DCM on Friday. The leadership coup is on and time is running out.

MIKE Rann has been ordered by ALP factional powerbrokers to step down as the Premier of South Australia by August 31.

If Mr Rann does not resign then he would face a leadership ballot, which he would likely lose in what would be a humiliating end to his 17-year leadership of state Labor.

Mr Rann is not aligned to any faction.

The Premier?s principal adviser Rik Morris tonight told?The Australian Online that he could not comment but he had returned from annual leave to deal with the crisis.

The ABC tonight reported that when told of a cross-factional deal yesterday to replace him with the Left?s?Jay Weatherill over the winter break of parliament, Mr Rann reacted angrily and made several threats.

In Australia when time is up on a leader the axemen and stand over boys get called in:

Senior Labor sources told?The Australian Online Mr Rann was confronted with the ultimatum to step down or be pushed by union boss Peter Malinauskas and Treasurer Jack Snelling. Both men are not returning calls.

Perhaps they are on?the?phone to New York securing a short contract in New Zealand.