Turning the screws

Boo hoo. The principal of this school (a rep for NZPF) has been all over local media slagging off government policy and bragging about breaking the law.

Now action has been taken against him.

The fono still went ahead but not at his school. Big deal. But here’s the interesting part of the story:

Mr Godfery said Pembroke School had a significant roll of pupils for whom English was their second language.

They are meant to be measured and labelled against these English standards.

This is not fair.

So according to this principal, it’s not fair that the Government is telling schools to teach kids to a level where they can succeed – in English – in New Zealand.

God help us all.

The saddest part of all this is that the story is on the front of the ODT with a picture of the principal and the schoolkids.

These people really are dreadful – hiding behind kids so they can push their political views and avoid the big question – why is he allowing them to fail?