Union backs Tucker, Goff must go

The wheels of Phil Goff’s inept attack on the integrity of Warren Tucker have come spinning off almost as fast as his lies are being revealed.

The public service union has weighed in behind spy boss Warren Tucker as Labour leader Phil Goff continues to attack his recollection of secret briefings.

Mr Goff disputes the accuracy of a report signed off by Dr Tucker showing that he briefed the Opposition leader on an investigation into whether Israeli backpackers who fled after the February 22 Christchurch earthquake might be spies.

Public Service Association national secretary Brenda Pilott said using public servants to score political points was “ill-advised”, especially in an election year.

“Public servants are required to keep their politics out of their job and their job out of politics. That means they cannot respond publicly to criticism or become embroiled in political rows.”

One of Labour’s major funders, the PSA is now outraged by Goff’s inept handling of this affair.

Labour, remember, has a history of attacking the integrity of civil servants to suit their political goals. They have form:

  • Erin Leigh was attacked by Trevor Mallard in the house. He labelled her incompetent, a similar charge to that which phil Goff now lays befreo Warren Tucker.
  • Madeleine Setchell was hounded from her job by a nasty and vindictive Labour party.
  • Kit Richards was vilified for daring to challenge Labour’s forestry plans for the West Coast.
  • Six involved in the motorcade scandal (five police and one ministerial driver)
  • Immigration officials: former Minister Lianne Dalziel lashed out at immigration officials in 2000, describing them as a pack of liars, after a bungled dawn raid on a Filipino family wrongly deported this week
  • SFO ? Michael Cullen?attacked them regarding their Privileges Committee evidence against Winston Peters.
  • Treasury ? advice to cut taxes dismissed as “ideological burp” but then in 2008 when facing electoral oblivion Helen Clark said government had not considered tax cuts til then because never had any advice from Treasury that it was possible.
  • MFAT ? Air NZ ferrying troops to Afghanistan.??Simon Murdoch had to carry the can.
  • Peter Doone
  • MSD speechwriters:?Ruth Dyson claimed that she never delivered the “triples” speech, because often the speeches that were written for her weren?t up to scratch
  • Kevin Brady, Auditor General, for his finding regarding the pledge card
  • Human Rights Commission when they criticised the Electoral Finance Act
  • Mark Prebble who carried the can for Helen Clark during the Corngate storm in the 2002 election campaign when she promised full disclosure of documents because her government had nothing to hide but it became apparent that a key memo had been withheld.
  • Te Puni Kokiri blamed by?Trevor Mallard and Helen Clark?for not providing good advice to?Parekura Horomia (when Parekura Horomia was unable to answer questions about Te Mangai Paho in the House ?the Minister is sitting at the top of an advice structure which has served him very, very badly?

Are you getting the picture here. When painted into a corner, Labour’s only tactic is to blame civil servants.

Phil Goff is now in the same position. He is calling the head of?the?SIS a liar and if he isn’t doing that then he is calling him incompetent. The reality is that it is Phil Goff who is the liar and who is incompetent.

Phil Goff’s position is untenable, unsustainable and he must resign.