Vote For the Crook. It's Important!

Edwin Edwards, 84, ?is famous, especially in Louisiana. He was legendary in a place that spawned legendary politicians. He is so similar to Winston Peters in many respects you have to think they are channelling each other.

He has just married his 32 year old girlfriend:

Colourful former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards, who turns 84 next month, has married a 32-year-old woman who befriended him while he was in a US prison for bribery and extortion.

Edwards, a Democrat who served four terms as governor in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s, did most of the talking after he and bride Trina Grimes Scott emerged from an elevator at the Monteleone Hotel in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

“People who don’t know me don’t know what a wonderful, pleasant, modest fellow I am,” Edwards said when asked how a man his age managed to land a much-younger wife.

He also told reporters how Grimes, who started writing him letters while he was in prison, visited him there regularly on weekends and holidays in recent years.

“The prison was in love with her – they used to watch her walk across the parking lot,” Edwards said, laughing. “They made me the camp hero.”

However he is best known for some pretty awesome stuff campaign wise. In fact he sounds almost like Winston Peters but with a whole lot more class.

On the issue of campaign bribes his response was:

?It was illegal for them to give, but not for me to receive.?

In his first come-back campaign he made the now famous statement that:

“The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy”

He also once described his opponent as being:

“so slow it takes him an hour and a half to watch?60 Minutes.”

Then during a gubernatorial debate in 1983, Treen asked Edwards:

“How come you talk out of both sides of your mouth?” Edwards instantly responded, “So people like you with only half a brain can understand me.”

But the ultimate, and I think this is something that Winston could emulate was his campaign bumper-stickers from his campaign against former KKK leader David Duke in 1991.

A very popular bumper sticker urging support for Edwards (although clearly not produced by his campaign) read “Vote For the Crook. It’s Important.” Another read “Vote for the Lizard, not the?Wizard.”

Winston can easily steal the Vote for the Crook. It’s Important! sticker, I mean he helped himself to taxpayer cash tot he tune of $158,000 so why not steal a campaign idea.