Warne's new beauty regime 'tiresome'

From the NZ Herald:

Elizabeth Hurley is finding Shane Warne’s preened new image “a little tiresome”.

The 46-year-old model-and-actress – whose cricketer lover has stepped out looking wrinkle-free and considerably slimmer in recent weeks – is reportedly concerned the Australian sportsman has taken his new beauty regime a little far.

An insider told the?Sunday Mirrornewspaper: “It’s not Elizabeth who has been telling him to diet and look after himself more – it’s all down to Shane. Shane’s been asking Liz about age-defying procedures like fillers and Botox and she’s found it all rather bizarre.

“She loves the fact he’s dropped some pounds but now it’s all getting a little crazy and she’s wondering what he’s going to do next.

“Liz doesn’t want to lose the man she’s fallen in love with but all the girly chat is getting a little tiresome. Her friends are finding it all highly amusing.”

She?probably?wants him to grow his mullet, get his gut back and root anything that moves to make him more attractive.