Whale vs Duck – Trevor wins

Whaleoil vs Mallard

The result is in. Trevor Mallard challenged me to a cycle race. He asid I would be too chicken to accept the challenge. I wasn’t and today I finished the challenge.

Unfortunately I finished second behind Trevor Mallard.

Nevermind. I am fit, have lost weight and what is abundantly clear is that trevor Mallard has spent 3 months training his arse off to make sure he didn’t lose a bike a race against a fat blogger.

The results of trevor concentration on a bike race rather than Labour’s campaign will be seen in the polls on TV1 and Tv3 tonight.

Congratulations Trevor, you rode well, and thank you for the challenge.

Thanks you to all the loyal Whale army supporters who turned up to cheer me on. I appreciated your cheers and support. It helped a lot.

There were a few people out taking photos. Send them in and I will post them.

A huge thanks too to Mt Eden Cycles for providing me with the bike and gear for training.