Where is the fear and terror in New Zealand Labour?

There is a leadership coup on in the South Australia Labor party and Mike Rann is about to be rolled.

Many MPs left the meeting wondering how that could be achieved. There was a feeling, sources say, Mr Rann’s leadership was terminal and the party could not afford to wait until next year for him to go.

Adding to the discontentment were nervous, marginal-seat MPs, who just managed to hold on in 2010.

One source described it as “fear and terror” in the?marginals. Labor now has 11 seats requiring a swing of less than 5.5 per cent to the Liberals to lose.

There are another five seats where a swing of just under 9 per cent, which is possible given recent polls, would see them fall to the Opposition.

If there is one thing Australian Labor know how do it is roll useless leaders. One wonders where the “fear and terror” in NZ Labour is hiding and when it will come out to play.