Winston it wasn't the media, it was me!

Winston Peters is upset and grumpy because I rumbled their big?announcement?that the Clown of Campbells Bay is joining the pensioner of St Mary’s Bay as a NZ First candidate.

These guys really are?the?gift that keeps on giving.

He refused to say how long Williams has been a member of the party, citing privacy laws. ”It’s none of your business,” he said.

Williams came fourth in the race for the mayoralty in October with just over 3800 votes.? He was a local councillor between 2001 and 2004.

Peters said Williams, 52,? has “significant experience” in local government and international trade ”and he has got many other qualities as well”.

Yeah one of those qualities is the ability to walk the length of Hurstmere Road without urinating on a tree, he waited till he was around?the?corner before letting loose.

Asked if Williams would become a spokesman for any issue, Peters responded with: “God, you dick. We will announce the spokespeople in the fullness of time.”

No Winston it is you who is the dick. Winston likes announcing things in the fullness of time, like when he intends to pay us back our $158,000.

He dismissed Williams reputation for sending ”aggressive” late night emails to other politicians, including John Key.

”He sent text messages at a time when Parliament was rising at 12 at night. It’s as clear as day that it was someone who was sending curse, cogent, on the point text messages at that hour of the night.”

The missive to Key was sent at 3.30am and Williams later admitted he could not recall sending the text, blaming painkillers. He also messaged Jonathan Coleman, Wayne Mapp and Murray McCully, as Parliament debated super city legislation.

He blamed other reports on Williams’ behaviour, such as urinating against a Takapuna tree, on the media.

Winston you old goat, it wasn’t the media, it was all me, and now Andrew Williams and you are attempting to come back I can see a hugely fun campaign telling the voters the truth about both of you.