12 Good Reasons to Vote for Change

These are the people who are registered to spend up to $300,000 telling MMP is for them and for you.

  1. Greens
  2. Council of Trade Unions
  3. NZ Dairy Workers Union
  4. Service and Food Workers Union
  5. NZEI
  6. NZ Nurses Orgnaisation
  7. National Distribution Union
  8. Campaign for MMP
  9. NZ Aged Care Assn
  10. Labour
  11. Rail and Maritime Transport Union
  12. Maritime Union of NZ

There you have it. 12 very good reasons to Vote for Change.

Greens, Labour and the union movement think that MMP is best for New Zealand, what more do you need to know to understand that if these people want MMP then we should really be voting to get rid of it.