McClay shows his mettle

The tipline brought be a heads up of this video yesterday.

It’s from Todd McClay’s speech on the anti-child abuse law that Simon Power put through the house.

Boris isn’t an MP that shies away from saying what he thinks. He makes an interesting observation on the Kahui Twins case.

Here’s the video.

And from Hansard:

We had another high-profile case of the K?hui twins, who were murdered. There were many adults in that home, and nobody knows what happened. There has been a high-profile court case, but nobody stepped up to say they knew what happened, they knew the person responsible, or that this is what we should do. Nobody has even said they wished they had acted to stop that from happening. Personally, I believe Chris K?hui killed those children.

It’s little wonder why he’s known in Rotorua for being tough on crime. Screaming banshees like Mr Steve Chadwick will moan about what Boris has said about the Kahui case, but this will prove popular with voters because he’s got the balls to say what everyone has been thinking.

The sooks in the MSM who were too scared to publish anything about Chris Kahui can now do so with the protection of qualified privilege.