9-11 – Ten Years

This post was timed for 09:11 on 09/11

Ten years ago I sat in my lounge in Howick and watching the unfolding horror of 9-11 live. I didn’t go to work that day, I sat glued to CNN watching live.

I watched the buildings collapse and I was speechless.

The company I worked for had an office in one of the World Trade Centre Buildings. My boss regularly flew from Sydney to New York. He was in the air when this happened.

I had a friend who worked in one of the twin towers. She had slept in that morning, she was late for work and never made it. Her office was above the impact zones. The buildings came down before her train got to the station and she came out onto the street to find out her office, her work mates and her job had just disappeared. She turned around, went home, packed a suitcase and went to the airport and got the first available plane back to New Zealand.

What struck me in the whole awful reality that was 9-11 was that when everyone was running out the emergency services personnel were running in. They were heroes and they died because of their heroism.

The one thing Osama bin Laden?miscalculated?was the resolve of the American public. It took them nearly ten years but they got him. Terrorism must always be punished, the perpetrators hunted down and killed. There can be no halfway, no giving in. Osama bin laden thought he won, he was wrong.