A little quiz

I was asked by a candidate to prepare a little quiz for a local quiz night on politics. Here are the questions. See how you go.

1. What year was Arnold Nordmeyer’s Black Budget?

2. What year was the first MMP election in NZ?

3. How many Deputy PM’s did? Sir Robert Muldoon’s have?

4. Who was his last Deputy PM?

5. What year was Phil Goff first elected to parliament?

6. Who was ACT’s first parliamentary leader?

7. Which party did the Greens used to belong to?

8. In 1978 which electorate did Winston Peters force a recount?

9. Which electorate did Winston Peters lose the selection in 1984 before being selected in Tauranga?

10. Who was New Zealand’s finance minister from 1990-1993?

11. Who was New Zealand’s first National Prime Minister?

12. Which National PM served the longest?

13. Which two parties merged to form the National party in 1936?

14. What year did National suffer its worst ever election defeat?

15. Which school did Lockwood Smith attend?

16. What is Lockwood Smith’s current majority?

17. Name two other List MPs that have come from Rodney?

18. What nickname was given to the 1984 snap election?

19. What was the former name of the Green Party?

20. How many MPs are currently in parliament?