A very old policy

Labour’s great new policy is actually older than 2003. Lindsay Mitchell points out that it actually goes back to Bill Rowling’s days:

2011 – Labour today announced its youth skills and employment package which gives all teenagers the opportunity to be earning or learning within three years.

1980 – Mr Rowling said a fourth Labour Government would go into office after the 1981 election with a total commitment to full employment as its priority.

2011 – ?This is a ticking time-bomb and has to be fixed. These kids are our future but at the moment they are being left on the scrapheap. If we don?t do something now, we will all pay a far higher price. The New Zealand Institute estimates the cost of disengaged youth is $900 million a year.

1980 – “Experience shows that if young people are left out of work in the early period of their lives they never adapt to the work situation. The economic and social costs for a country of 3,000,000 people are devastating.”

2011 – Converting dole payments into a $8700 subsidy to fund 9000 additional apprenticeship places

1980 – Abolition of the dole…and a vigorous apprenticeship drive….private employers hiring additional young people would qualify for a subsidy…

Somehow I don’t think today’s announcements are a game changer for Labour. They weren’t in 1980 either.