An economic plan

Mitt Romney has released his economic vision for America.

From the Washington Post:

It?s not exactly a surprise that Romney has a well-oiled campaign machine nor that the former consultant knows who to call when he needs a slick presentation. But this is the sort of thing that makes Romney look like a more credible general-election candidate than some of the other Republican hopefuls. You can look at his campaign and get a sense of how it would run against the Obama campaign, as it?s running that way now. Encouraging Republican voters to draw that comparison is clearly part of Romney?s strategy, and this was one of his campaign?s first tests. My hunch is that after Obama?s jobs plan comes out, it will be clear that they passed it.

Many Republicans dismiss this strategy, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry is now leading in the polls. But who knows? As time goes on and the president comes to look more and more vulnerable but his campaign comes to look more and more formidable, a candidate who looks as if his campaign can compete at that level might become increasingly appealing to Republican primary voters who see both how they could win this thing and how they could lose it.

If anyone with an economic background would like to do a guest post on Romneys economic plan please email me to arrange it.