Andrew Little's Strategic Stupidity

For a man who wants to be leader of the Labour party he?hasnt been very bright. He is running in New Plymouth, a?safe blue seat now the very able Jonathan Young has taken it?off the very popular Harry Duynhoven. Harry had about 6500?more votes than Labour at the last election, and was the?kind of highly popular local MP that holds seats against?massive swings – it was just that this swing was too massive?even for Harry to hang on to. Not surprisingly Harry is now?Mayor of New Plymouth, so it was the Labour brand that?kneecapped him in the end.

Little goes up against Young while the tide is still going out against Labour, and after Jonathan has had three years to bed in. Word?from New Plymouth is Jonathan has done a great job?consolidating the National supporters who voted Harry and no?amount of illegal union muscle will change the race.

Andrew Little should have taken the safe seat of Rimutaka?last election. He would have won it easily and now instead?of the union wing of the Labour party stopping Goff being?rolled he would be in the thick of it consolidating power.