Big Union Money Sides with MMP

Simon Power?s attempt to suppress debate on the electoral reform referendum means that only $300,000 can be spent on a campaign for or against MMP. The only registered promoters are the 12 left wing organisation and Vote for Change.

This means that the supporters of MMP have a $12 to $1 spending advantage. It also means they can not accuse the supporters of change being big money.

So while Simon Power gerrymandered the referendum to suit the purposes of pro-MMP lobbyists in the union movement, John Key, Steven Joyce, Peter Goodfellow and the campaign team are busily hushing up anyone who dares speak out.

They are making the same mistake that Jim Bolger made in 1993. Back then he never believed for a moment that voters on the barest of majorities would vote to get rid of First past the Post. It was a mistake that left National in opposition for nine long years. It was a mistake that National is set to repeat. National is sleep walking to victory in 2011 and setting themselves up for a loss in 2014.

The?hierarchy?is insisting on silence and coercing the membership and MPs along those lines. Meanwhile the opposition is arrayed against them in a 12-1 shit-fight that unless some thing drastic happens will result in New Zealand eventually having long term left wing governments rahter than moderate centrist or ?centre-right governments.

There is a reason why Labour, the Greens and almost the entire union movement are backing MMP and it isn’t because they think it is fair.