Blogger vs Possum

Not in New Zealand and not this blogger. Blogger Glenn Greenwald comes face to face with a possum.

As we all know, Glenn Greenwald leads a life with many facets: he is part?no-holds-barred blogger, part?family man, Brazilian resident and lover of dogs. The second half was in evidence on Monday night and Tuesday morning, as Greenwald turned to Twitter to assist him in a perilous mission: dealing with a wild creature (most likely a possum) that had gotten into his pantry.

Greenwald uploaded a video to YouTube, showing him cautiously approaching the beast (which had black fur and was making a low, rumbling growl of a noise) before fleeing his pantry. “Does anyone happen to know what this bizarre creature is- just found in our pantry- & how one can encourage it to exit?” he?tweeted.

His followers told him it was a possum, and advised him to leave a trail of cat food going from the pantry to the outside. Greenwald followed their advice and voila!

“[The cat food] & the creature are gone,” he?tweeted?on Tuesday. Crisis averted!

Had this been me or in NZ then the possum would be dead! Probably with this as the cause of death.