Bring on league tables

I’ve been saying it for weeks, but now John Armstrong catches up in the Herald.

If Labour was really smart, the party would have outflanked Key by not only adopting national standards, but arguing for league tables showing how individual primary schools are performing compared with others in their decile. That is what parents want. That is what Australia’s Labor Party delivered. But Labour here is hostage to the teacher unions.

Labour are so out of touch with education it’s laughable.

By siding with the defeated teachers’ unions over National Standards, Goff is giving the finger to parents.

Labour would rather try and shelter the crap teachers and hide information from parents than help the 20 per cent of failing kids.

Journalists are going to be all over the information from standards to create league tables of schools, which is exactly what parents want.

Armstrong says Labour is living in the past and should have adopted the Standards and created league tables themselves. But of course, this would have alienated the unions – among the few supporters that Labour are clinging on to.

This is why Labour can’t be trusted with education. National Standards now needs to be extended to having league tables if only for the pleasure in watching Trevor Mallard go into conniptions over the idea. Remember he tried to make national standards information more secret than SIS briefings.

The left in all its hideous forms is crumbling before our eyes. Sit back and enjoy.