Could someone in Labour please say these things?

Julia Gillard is getting beaten up in the polls almost as badly as Phil Goff, but at least she is in tune with the modern world. Old Labour here havent seemed to work out that Chris Trotters Waitakere man now is more likely to be a tradie running his own business with a missus that also has a small business than they are union members.

Ms Gillard said that for a long period, the labour movement believed lifting incomes and ending poverty would lead to a better life for all, but now understood that for the disadvantaged, welfare of itself was not enough. “Of course, ensuring people have life’s basics is necessary, but change only comes by marrying a requirement for personal effort and responsibility with the customised supports that give people a hand up and out of poverty and dysfunction,” she said.

“For a long period of time, our great movement believed that the highest aspiration of working people was for a decent job. Now we understand it can be to run a decent small business.

“Protecting rights at work will always be central, but building skills, rewarding enterprise, encouraging the embrace of risk, helping people be their own boss, is part of the dream . . . too. Australians want to make their own choices and control their own lives. But this can only happen if the power of collective action, in creating opportunity, sharing risk and not leaving anyone behind, is joined to meaningful individual empowerment, joined to personal choices and control.”

Someone should ask Phil Goff where all the tradies are in the modern Labour Party. There aren’t any, so instead Labour is infested with public service union hacks rather than people who actually got their hands dirty when they worked.

It is no surprise Waitakere Man is voting for Paula Bennett.