Coup Planning?

I blogged about the benefits of planning and plotting while out hunting. Often my best ideas come about with a walk and stalk in the bush.

As the hunter explained, there are many dif?fer?ent ways to hunt, and a good plan can take out most ani?mals if the hunter is good enough. He explained that for some ani?mals like rab?bits and hares you are best going out on dusk or with a spot light and a?17?HMR?like Hamills Manukausorted out for me. Birds like Pheas?ants and quail you need flush?ing dogs or points to flush them out of thick cover. Ducks you need to decoy in and call, sit?ting con?cealed in a maimai. Cats you kill how?ever you can as they are evil. Pigs you need to be as tough as old boots, or Paula Ben?nett, and have a pack of dogs that love hunt?ing. Deer you need to be will?ing to put in the hard yards, cover a lot of ground and make the most of the lim?ited oppor?tu?ni?ties you get for a killing shot.

It looks like Team Jones has taken a leaf out of the Whales plotting book. Nice shooting fellas, now roll Goff.