Culpability, Ctd

Len Brown is going to wish he never opened his gob as he seeks out others to blame for his failings. He says he is trying to find out what went wrong and who is responsible. The investigation should take about 30 seconds if he stands in front of the mirror. Just one month ago he was telling us it was his responsibility:

Auckland Mayor Len Brown caught the train from Britomart and spent the game seated next to All Black legend Graham Mourie.

“There were lots of people saying ‘Good job, Mr Mayor’,” he said, “and you had this sense of optimism in the crowd. At the ground, there is an outstanding presence of police and security who are highly visible.

“I’ve had major oversight of this Eden Park project to make sure everything is done right and I am very confident.”

Yes Len, you said it. You had major oversight of this Eden Park project. You appointed your cronies to the board of Auckland transport, you claimed the successes, now you can claim the failures.

The question that still remains unanswered is why Len Brown took the car on the un-congested roads while imploring Aucklanders to take the train?