I have heard Len Brown carping on all day about how it is everyone else’s fault but his for the failure of Auckland’s transport system. Apparently he is going to look in this and look into that.

There are really only 10 people we need to have strung up from lamp-posts. Len Brown and these nine plonkers.

When he campaigned to be Mayor he said this:

?One of my first priorities, if elected, will be to appoint new directors to Auckland Transport, and to rewrite its statement of intent. I would insist on there being a direct report into the Mayor?s office, and a close relationship with the new Council?s transport committee. As Mayor, I will expect to be seeing all reports and all board papers.”

And appoint the directors he did. In December last year he appointed his mates and supporters including Mike Williams, the former Labour party president to the board of Auckland Transport.

If there is anyone to blame for the fiasco last night it must be Len Brown and his cronies.