Deer contraception, Whatever next?

Greenies really do lose the plot. In the UK they are suggesting the following in order to control deer populations:

Even the RSPCA agrees culls may have to be carried out in certain areas, as long as deer fences and other preventive measures have been put in place first and the animals are killed humanely by trapping and shooting.

However many animal rights groups argue that deer are now a part of the urban and rural landscape like foxes that should be welcomed.

They insist that the animals can be stopped from causing a nuisance through control measures like contraception, relocation, ?deer passes? over motorways and fencing.

The best form of deer contraception is copper jacketed and travels at about 2820 ft/s. This is what happened when urban greenie tossers start kerbing useful sports like hunting because they watched too much Walt Disney movies when they were young.