Defying the leader

Annette King isn’t the only one to have defied the Leader on the question of Hone Harawira.

So it seems Phil’s Caucus aren’t even listening to him now. ?Attached is just one of the many clips where he rules out working with Hone. ?It was on The Nation, May 1.

Sean Okay but you haven?t said that about Hone Harawira, you heard earlier on this programme holding out the olive branch to you?Phil Yep.

Sean A man who hasn?t been found by parliament’s privilege committee to have lied to it.

Phil Let me say this. John Key brands Don Brash as an extremist but said he’ll get into bed with him. I regard Hone Harawira as having extreme views and I won?t get into bed with him.

Sean And do you think Matt McCarten does as well, and Annette Sykes?

Phil Yeah I think that that is a party that is well out of the mainstream of New Zealand.

Sean And you will have nothing to do with it?

Phil No I don?t see myself as being able to form a coalition both on the grounds of different policies and on the grounds of reliability. I’ve said that and I stand by it.

Sean Alright and you’re not gonna let the people decide on that one and then make your decision?

Phil Oh the people will decide whether they want to support a Maori Party that?s now discredited or a more radical party that I don?t think will have widespread support.

Sean But you find Winston Peters a man essentially found by the privileges committee to have misled parliament and his colleagues is a more reliable person to do a coalition deal?

Phil I’ve said I’ll let the public make the decision, as the moment it’s hypothetical. If Winston is back then we’ll look at it.

Sean Well the Privileges Committee finding against him wasn’t hypothetical, it’s written there in the parliamentary record.

Phil Yeah, look I’m not going into past history on that, Winston Peters has got a long history in politics and people will judge him on the basis of that history.

Sean Alright so you’re not gonna deal with Hone Harawira, the jury is out on New Zealand First.

Parekura Horomia:?Friday 18 March 2011 Radio Waatea

“You know that?s the line at the moment. What?s interesting is Hone hasn?t got a party so the issue was about working with Hone?s numbers. It?s about the numbers on the day of the election. It?s no point (saying) who is going to be the last cab off the rank and then get to the end of an election and you?re scrambling, but at this stage that?s our line,? Mr Horomia says.

Nanaia Mahuta:?22 March 2011 Radio Waatea

?But the real proof is what happens after election 2011 and I?ve been in politics long enough to know that the wind blows both ways and you can?t rule anyone in and out before that day. That?s the day that matters,? she says.