Don Brash now stealing underpants

While Trevor Mallard has given up his part-time hobby of politics for 6 weeks to further his full time hobby of rugby watching, Don Brash has decided that stealing underpants is a valid campaign strategy.

1. Deliver race relations speech
2. ????
3. Win votes

On Thursday night, while the ACT front-row of Boscawen, Roy and Douglas were enjoying fine dining and conversation at Formosa Country Club, along with John Banks, the campaign manager Stuart Wilson, dear old Don Brash was at the?Bureta Park Motor Inn in Tauranga delivering yet another speech on race relations.

It had clearly failed to come to the attention of the strategic genius running ACT’s campaign that it was the night before the start of the World Cup and therefore unlikely to get any headlines outside of Tauranga.

My understanding is that ACT now intends to use the political hiatus of the World Cup to vigorously campaign nationwide to audiences of between 5 and 10 people. Their focus groups have found this to be the optimum size for cut?through?of the message. Phone booths are being booked as we speak.