Don't let the teachers unions know about this

David Cameron utters words that would see effigies burned in the streets by nasty unionists if he did it in ?New Zealand.

David Cameron will signal a return to ?elitism? in schools in an attempt to mend Britain?s ?broken? society and secure the economic future.

The Prime Minister will attack the ?prizes for all? culture in which competitiveness is frowned upon and winners are shunned.

In a significant speech, he will outline Coalition plans to ensure teaching is based on ?excellence?, saying that controversial reforms are needed to ?bring back the values of a good education?.

Failure to do so would be ?fatal to prosperity?, he will say.

The comments mark the latest in a series of attempts to focus on education in response to the riots that shocked London and other English cities last month.

Not only that, Cameron is going to focus on national standards.

Mr Cameron will seek to move the debate on to standards, saying that a rigorous focus on the basics is needed to give young people ?the character to live a good life, to be good citizens?.

The Prime Minister will say: ?For the future of our economy, and our society, we need a first-class education for every child. Of course, everyone?s agreed on that.

?The trouble is that for years we?ve been bogged down in a great debate about how we get there. Standards or structures? Learning by rote or by play? Elitism or all winning prizes??

Mr Cameron makes it clear that he is in favour of elitism and not prizes for all.

He will add: ?These debates are over ? because it?s clear what works. Discipline works. Rigour works. Freedom for schools works. Having high expectations works.

?Now we?ve got to get on with it ? and we don?t have any time to lose.?