Dysfunction on Labour's frontbench

More evidence of the dysfunction on Labour’s frontbench has emerged in separate radio interviews yesterday and today.

On Wednesday, Trevor Mallard told Mike Hoksing on NewstalkZB?that he preferred debt funding ahead of an earthquake levy.??(Incidentally signalling even more?pre-spending of Labour’s vague and volatile CGT tax grab.)

Trevor Mallard told Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB

But today on?RadioLive, Shane Jones told Marcus Lush that he favoured a levy and was opposed to more debt to pay for Christchurch (forgetting that Labour’s tax policy carries more debt for at least seven years).

Mallard vs Jones on Equake Levy

So what is Labour policy?

Do we believe the isolated, inept and still injured Trevor Mallard, or an ascendant Shane Jones?