Explaining is losing

Labour are real touchy right now, especially Trevor Mallard and Clare Curran.

Clare Curran posted a Nek Minnit parody post on Sunday. It would be funny if she wasn’t an MP. ?But since she did post it and left comments open and since she could see no reason why she shouldn’t make fun of the PM I thought I would add a few Mek Minnit parodies myself. Well a few later and I now find myself in moderation. It seems that Clare Curran can dish out the crap but can’t take it.

She also has banned Inventory from Keeping Stock as well apparently because his comment broke the rules:

Clare had posted a raw meat post for her rabid followers and people were piling in putting up more and more offensive comments about John Key,. which I might add are all still there and Invetory puts up a comments that was totally in line with the whole pretense of the post that said:

“Phil Goff sold $9b worth of assets in the 1980’s; nek minnit…”

Then he was banned for being offensive. Clare Curran then compounds her sensitivitiy by then lying about why he was banned after other commenters told her off.

There is absolutely nothing in Inventory’s comment that breaks any of those rules, in fact it is quite circumspect compared to some of the others that are there, including mine. Like this one for example:

So that is ok but not the political opposite and more polite comment from Inventory?

Clare Curran, woman who professes to want to “control the message” is really taking her own advice just a bit too far. It seems that Labour still have not realised that while posts like that are ok on blogs of people who aren’t MPs they fall disastrously flat when done by humourless and grumpy control freaks. If you are going to through raw meat to the crowds then you have to be prepared for some hyenas to come scavenging.

UPDATE: Grant Robertson edits my comment?before?releasing from moderation. This is what I said that offended him so much.