Finally some sense

When Maori say offensive and racist things, like Hone Harawira and now Margaret Mutu, all too often those who speak up are themselves abused for being racist. No such accusation though can be leveled against Maori speaking up against Maori.

Ngapuhi leader David Rankin has called on Auckland University to sack the head of its Maori studies department following a “racist” outburst at the weekend.

Professor Margaret Mutu?said white immigration to New Zealand should be restricted because it poses a threat to race relations due to immigrants’ “white supremacist” attitudes.

Rankin said Mutu had “gone too far this time”.

“She obviously thinks of herself as the Robert Mugabe of New Zealand politics, and has caused offence to hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders because of her extreme racist views.”

“As a Maori, I welcome white immigrants,” Rankin said. “They are the ones most likely to bring employment opportunities for our communities, and we don’t see the sort of racism Margaret refers to.”

Rankin said Mutu has no place working at a university.

“I think Auckland University are scared of her,” he said. “And so they lack the courage to deal with her, but I think after this episode, they will be having another look at her position and the harm she is bringing to Auckland University.”

Rankin said Mutu was a “champagne radical” who turned up to a foreshore and seabed hikoi in her “Armani suit”.

“What she doesn’t realise is she’s actually pulling Maoridom apart – she’s an absolute trouble maker.”

Rankin said he didn’t think Mutu believed a word she said and would probably “hide behind” a section in the Education Act that affords her the right to speak as the “critical consciousness of society”.

Let’s have more of that please. I’m not one to call for sacking, but standing up and calling out stupid people for the stupid things they say is always a good start.