Focussing on things that matter, Ctd

The lame campaign manager of Labour, Trevor Mallard, has hit upon yet another Underpants Stealing plan for the election campaign.

After teh Supreme Court ruling regarding his defamation of Erin Leigh you would have though he would keep on the down-lo this week.

But no, he is now attacking and defaming Bryce Edwards of Otago University. Not only that he also attacks Matthew Hooton, David Farrar and the PSA!

The attack on David is equally as defamatory as the attack on Bryce Edwards.

Trevor Mallard is a coward and a bully. If this is an example of what Labour can promise us then it is no wonder that they are at 25% in the polls. His continuing smears and attacks are?likely?to assist Labour sinking further and the Greens becoming the official opposition party of standing after?the?election.

I don’t agree with Bryce Edwards’ politics, but I believe he does a useful service with the Daily Politics summary. My view is that it is usually too heavily focused on the shouters of the elft, but apparently that isn’t left enough for Trevor Mallard and so he must have his integrity attacked. I have found all my communications with Bryce Edwards to be professional, courteous and above politics, he has always acted like a true academic professional towards me. Trevor Mallard’s attacks are appalling.

This is classic shoot the messenger stuff from labour. Just yesterday we had?Clare?Curran and Chris Trotter calling fro massive regulation of the media, and now we have Trevor Mallard trying to silence an academic.