Focussing on things that matter, Ctd

Labour has pretty much given up on Red Alert they are now posting stuff from unelectable candidates.

While Mark Mitchell is out canvassing Rodney electorate looking to increase the National majority Labour’s candidate is being highlighted on Red Alert.

Pity the poor lady, she is at 43 on Labour’s lightweight list of losers. Even below career trougher Jordan Carter at 40. Lower even than poor Kate Sutton who has quit her gay job in Auckland to campaign fulltime in Jacinda Ardern’s backyard in the Waikato.

None of these three are even going to get close to parliament unless they have organised a lickspittles position in one of the few surviving MPs offices.

I don’t think Mark Mitchell will be losing any sleep fighting off this candidate. He has had heavier battles with the razor in the morning than he will with Labour in Rodney electorate.