Some people are upset because their new car comes with a numberplate that starts with the letters GAY:

If Robert Trathen’s car registration is anything to go by, he is homosexual and adventurous in the boudoir.

But, since he’s straight and would rather not discuss his sex life, he was not very happy when his freshly imported BMW 316 came with a “GAY692” plate.

Miffed, he called the?New Zealand Transport Agency within days to seek a new one.

“I picked it up on Tuesday … I’ve already had people pointing and laughing at me.” Trathen added that just driving it off the car lot he was subjected to sniggers.

“I’m definitely not homophobic, I just want another plate.”

When he called NZTA, he was told the numbers could be changed for something less suggestive than “69” at no cost but changing the letters would be a different story.

“The person I spoke to said: ‘Oh just hold the line, I’ll be putting you on to our senior adviser’. In a minute or two of waiting, they came on and there was a bit of a chuckle in their voices. The guy said ‘I can change the numbers for you but it’s still going to be GAY’.”

Let me tell you, if you buy a 316 BMW then you ARE gay. Then of you make a fuss over your GAY number plate you are doubly gay.

They aren’t pointing and laughing at you for your number plate they are pointing and laughing at you because you drive a 316.