Gifting Mt Roskill to Winston is Labour's last chance

Phil Goff is now so hopeless compromised that he really needs to be thinking real hard about what he can do to save Labour from the ignominy of challenging Bill English’s 2002 record..

I think Goff needs to take one for the team and gift his Mt Roskill seat to Winston.

A Winston First coalition is their only chance of forming a government. If Goff truly believes he can be prime minister he will be happy to do this for the sake of the party.

He will also be doing the taxpayer a big service by avoiding a by-election in 2012 should he not succeed.

He could slip out the backdoor quietly to a UN job without putting his party through the test of a by-election next year. He would also be endorsing MMP completely by trying to become the first list MP prime minister.

Should Mr Goff take the Whale’s advice, condolences in advance to Julie Fairey’s house husband of short stature who was looking forward to a by-election in Mt Roskill.