Got him, another harpoon to the Whale

Max Dillon Coyle has been stood down in Hamilton West.

Green Party candidate Max Coyle has stood down as Hamilton West candidate after admitting misleading theWaikato Times.

Hamilton Green Party spokesman Mark Servian said Mr Coyle had agreed to step down “in the light of things that have occurred”.

Mr Coyle’s partner, Melissa Campbell, appeared in a story in the newspaper on Monday about the young mum’s likely voting intentions but she did not reveal her partner’s role in the Greens.

“He is still going to continue his role in the Green Party in a voluntary capacity,” Mr Servian said.

Hamilton West now would not have a Greens candidate in November’s election.

Mr Coyle said he made an error of judgement by not ensuring the paper knew he was Ms Campbell’s partner and he offered his “sincere apologies for misleading the Waikato Times.”

That is two in two elections. The first was Brenden Sheehan and now there is Max Dillon Coyle.