Government takes over the waterfront

The Government has moved to take over the Auckland waterfront.

The Government will use special powers under Rugby World Cup legislation to take control of the Auckland waterfront set aside for the celebrations during the tournament.

Rugby World Cup Minister Murray McCully will this afternoon outline his intention to tomorrow call up reserve powers available to him under the Rugby World Cup Empowerment Bill.

It has been revealed, ahead of the announcement, that McCully has ordered Government officials to write a new plan to manage the waterfront beyond its own Fan Zone at Queen’s Wharf.

The plan, which turns responsibility from the Auckland City Council over to the Government, will expand management measures and create more space for partying.

“Some of my critics have been suggesting I should take responsibility, well I am. I am stepping in to a space that the Government has not previously occupied,” McCully told Stuff.

“We’re getting on the front foot here and showing a determination to provide a larger footprint and a wider range of measures to assist with the management of crowds and the delivery of amenities.”

This si a strong move by?the?government. Clearly the weasel words of Len Brown and his flunkies haven’t given the government any confidence in the Auckland COuncil’s ability to deliver on promises.

Expect outrage from the left, but they only have themselves to blame. Question after question in parliament called for the government to take?responsibility?and action and this afternoon they have.

Len Brown should resign, it is clear his council has failed and it is high time that he accepted what everyone else knows that?the?buck stops on his desk.