Have Labour given up?

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A long time Whale Army member has sent in an analysis of Red Alert, wondering if Labour have just plain given up.


I have for a couple of weeks looked at the number of posts and who is making them coming from Red Alert.? I think the MPs have thrown the white (red) flag in defeat. ?There now only seems to be between 1 and 4 posts a day on Red Alert.? and certainly only ever 1 or 2 with any substance – the rest being a cut and paste on articles from Hooton saying how Labour are going to be lucky to come third in the 2011 election

I wonder if it is worth going back a couple of weeks so I did:

There are substantial posts where the Labour MPs actually discuss an issue.

Then there is the cut and paste – or lazy blogging – which is what seems to fill the Red Alert pages now.

In the past couple of weeks all the Labour MPs have been able to do a single substantial post per day.? They cannot even get the prospective candidates to write in with guest columns – Maybe if the t*ts lawyer and carpet bagger for the Wairarapa, Michael Bott, could write a column and a few others Like David Clark who wrote a couple but then gave up then they could bulk up their pages and get a conversation going.? But no – looks like Labour have given up.

Reminds me of Homer Simpson giving advice to Bart – “If it’s too hard then give up”

Date Posts Posts with Issues
9-Sep-11 1 3
8-Sep-11 2 0
7-Sep-11 3 1
6-Sep-11 4 0
5-Sep-11 4 0
4-Sep-11 4 1
3-Sep-11 1 1
2-Sep-11 2 1
1-Sep-11 3 1
31-Aug-11 2 1
30-Aug-11 4 3
29-Aug-11 0 0
28-Aug-11 3 1
27-Aug-11 3 1
26-Aug-11 2 1
25-Aug-11 4 2
24-Aug-11 2 1
23-Aug-11 2 1
22-Aug-11 3 2
21-Aug-11 5 2
20-Aug-11 5 2
19-Aug-11 3 2
18-Aug-11 3 3

There can be a few reasons for this

  1. Labour MPs are so demoralised that they have effectively given up
  2. The number of people reading Red Alert has dropped – so the MPs cannot be bothered any more
  3. Trevor has been too busy working out how to steal underpants
  4. Labour MPs have nothing to talk about except cheese rolls
  5. Labour can no long afford the band-width because they are too broken arsed