Have Labour's Past it Politicians Missed the Boat?

John Boscowen?s retirement highlights one of the differences between the left and the right in New Zealand politics. John can leave politics knowing he can return to the private sector, take a massive pay rise, a lot less stress and not have to deal with as many dickheads as he has had to deal with in Parliament.

This option isn?t open to Labour MPs because most of them have never done anything in the private sector that creates value, so they rely on government appointments. The smart ones got out early ? Swain & Maharey were the smartest, they both have good jobs and don?t have to go through the bullshit that Labour is going through at the moment.

Helen Clark should have done the party a favour and moved on a whole lot more MPs who will play no role in the next Labour government. She could have given them board appointments to keep them happy, instead of having them clogging up the next generation. MPs like Street, Dalziel, King, Mallard, Chadwick and Barker obviously have no role in the next Labour government, but at the same time have no real skills for the real world. So they won’t leave.

This is putting Labour in an impossible position for the 2014 election after recovering from the slaughter that is coming November 26.