He makes people laugh defense?

The mystery fake pilot pilot has been identified. He is Ben Boyce.

The fake pilot who attempted to access a restricted area at Auckland International Airport carried out the stunt for a television show, it has been reported.

3News said it understood the imposter was from the comedy programme Wannaben, which features former Pulp Sport host Ben Boyce. The show appears on TV3 on Saturday nights.

A spokeswoman for Media Works, the company which owns TV3, has not yet responded to earlier calls for comment.

The fake pilot left the airport when Air New Zealand gate staff refused to let him board without the required photo identification.

He was then seen getting into a waiting van, Aviation Security Service general manager Mark Everitt told Radio New Zealand today.

It is understood the van was caught on CCTV, but police won’t comment on whether they have identified its owner.

If he gets charged he could claim he makes people laugh as his defence. He is certainly funnier than his former work mate Jamie Linehan.