He Should Retire after the Election

Peter Goodfellow, in rugby terms, has tits for hands. He just can’t keep out of the media for all the wrong reasons. There were all the nasty rumours and publicity around him being a senior political figure hounded by the media early in his term. Then there was the detailed article by his ex-wife, where some unpleasant rumours were left out.

Now he is accused of a conflict of interest. This is a left wing beat up, and anyone on the inside knows Peter Goodfellow wields so little power over National this is laughable.

This is not the reason Peter should retire from the Party Presidents position. The reason he should retire is unlike other presidents he is clearly not making a full time commitment to the National Party. His predecessors have not sat on numerous boards and continued their commercial careers. They have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into the presidency rather than taken it on as a part time sinecure to pad out a rather thin resume.

Peter?s part time presidency has been glossed over by the polls and Phil Goff being hopeless. National members who care about the party should start thinking about the following and Peter?s impact on them:

  1. Selection: ?Too busy governing to select in 2010?. This is bullshit, as the party has no role in governing and an election is known to happen every three years. National selected candidates from January to May 2011.
  2. Candidates College: Met irregularly and as an afterthought. Has been left to shrivel and die after all the hard work put in by Judy Kirk. If it was really successful why where there not more good women candidates standing for selection in safe blue seats, and why are there so few really talented people likely to become National MPs.
  3. Fundraising: ?Awash with Cash? or begging letters asking members for more money? There are few donors over $15,000 and the electorates have been repeatedly taxed by the victory fund and pleas for more money for by elections. I stand by my call for targets v actuals in percentage form to be released for each area of fundraising with Peter?s personal direct fundraising percentage the most eagerly awaited.
  4. Women in Caucus: Why is only Maggie Barry guaranteed a seat in parliament? Only one new woman MP means National are opened up to accusations that they are a blokefest. Someone needs to take responsibility for this, and that someone is the president.
  5. Not Disclosing Court Cases: Peter took on the presidency when he knew he had an unpleasant court case in the past, a court case that would have meant John Key?s political antenna would never have allowed him to be president.
  6. Negative Media Stories: The party president should stay out of the media. If their personal situation becomes a media story they should resign. Political parties do not need unnecessary negative media coverage.

Peter is up for re-election in 2012. This is the time for party members to hold Peter to account if he does not move on of his own accord. National needs a full time president who does not have tits for hands.