I go chop your dollar, Ctd

Terry Serepisos is in the news a lot lately and for all the?wrong?reasons. This time he is denying he owes Ricki Herbert over $100,000 despite the fact that Herbert is currently engaging a lawyer to recover for exactly that amount.

Wellington Phoenix coach Ricki Herbert is owed more than $100,000 by the Terry Serepisos-owned club and has engaged lawyers, according to a report today.

Former Supreme Court judge Bill Wilson has confirmed he was acting for Herbert, but would not give details about the work, according to the National Business Review today.

However, Serepisos denied the club owed Herbert $100,000 and refused to say whether it owed any money at all to the coach.

The property developer has been battling attempts to bankrupt him and his lawyers last week submitted a plan to the High Court for a trustee to sell most of his remaining property portfolio over about two years.

While Terry is still waiting for his Nigerian scam loan from Western Gulf Advisory to come through I am still waiting for the writs.