I'm partisan and proud of it

There are some out there who think that as a blogger I should be fair and reasonable, a journalist in fact. That is gay. I am not fair, I may be?reasonable (some of the time)?but I will always be partisan. And so writing limp-wristed panty-waist, whinging blog posts filled with faux shock that I take a particular line and run it hard is frankly gay too.

I am partisan and I’m proud of it. From Wikipedia:

“partisan” has come to refer to an individual with a psychological identification with one or the other of the major parties.

I recently gave a presentation about the role of bloggers in the media. In that presentation I pointed out:

  • Neutrality is not respected
  • People follow media outlets that reinforce their views
  • People follow bloggers not mastheads
  • Bloggers have a very different relationship than with mastheads or journalists
  • Comments and interactivity help build the relationship, which is reinforced by communicating directly with the blogger

Bearing that in mind, I am not neutral (and never will be), I have a large army of followers who are loyal, my followers go where I go, and I communicate with them in comments, or directly via email, skype or phone. No mainstream media journalists enjoy that to the extent that bloggers like me or David Farrar enjoy.

People read my blog?because?they like what I say, they like what I do and they like that no one is ever going to die wondering what I really think.

There are those on the left that would like me to go away, some have even sent me emails and made blog posts wishing I were dead. They are the reason I keep doing what I am doing. I know it annoys them. The more I annoy them, the better I feel.

I enjoy blogging, I’m damn good at it, despite what the detractors say, and I have plenty more fight in me. So long as I am enjoying blogging I will keep doing it. But one thing I will never do is pretend to be impartial and non-partisan. People like to know where I stand and I will continue to tell them.

But there is a word of warning, I am not so partisan that my own teams get off lightly. If they screw up or are found wanting then they too will feel the wrath of the Whale.

If you don’t like what I do then don’t read my site, switch off if you will. ?Carping and moaning about my partisan blogging just makes me smile, so keep it up.