Is Goff unimpressed now?

Yesterday Trevor Mallard offensively compared John Key to various totalitarian regimes, including Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russian.

When CHris Carter, who ironically had his valedictory yesterday, did a similar thing Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard were quick to distance themselves from the comments.

Carter later blogged about the incident, but it was later removed by the blog’s editor Trevor Mallard, who did not see the funny side.

“Trevor was sensitive to anyone who found it offensive. There are people still alive who suffered under fascism; that wasn’t something I thought about when I put the blog up,” says Carter.

Now Trevor Mallard has done exactly the same thing. Will he retract his tweet, and now unreservedly apologise to John Key and will Phil Goff be unimpressed as he was with Chris Carter?

Phil Goff is known for his flip-flops of opinion, my pick is he will say that this was just Trevor being Trevor. He will be right of course, just so long as we are under no mis-apprehension that Trevor being Trevor means he is being a rude prick who tells lies.

Of course this could all be part of Trevor’s underpants stealing campaign plan.