Labour's copy-cat election

Labour are so bereft of ideas that they have literally borrowed everything.

Phil Goff early in the year borrowed Ed Miliband’s “Squeezed Middle” line.

Then two days ago in great secrecy labour launched their education policy with the tag line:

Kind of cheesy, but then I remembered something. I haven’t yet tracked down a brochure but I am pretty sure that National had the same tag for their election policy in 2002. Nick Smith even liked this gay song from S Club 7 as the campaign song:

If Labour are so crap at coming up with anything original, then I wondered if perhaps anyone else had used “Reaching for the Stars” or “Reach for the Stars” in regards to education.

A quick google and surprise, surprise we find that others have.

The ALP in Australia has used it:

?More than 1500 schools will be taking part in activities this week, including a mass reading event, ?Read for Australia? on Wednesday, and the ?Reach for the Stars? national maths exercise.

?The recommended books for this year?s Read for Australia are Whoever You Are by Mem Fox, or Eric by Shaun Tan, while students taking part in Reach for the Stars will collect and collate data about their school then send it to the NLNW website to compare with other schools across the country.

And Pansy Wong has used it

But there is still work to be done in ensuring that barriers are removed to ensure that women have the confidence and the choices to reach for the stars.

And Chris Tremain in his maiden speech

Whaia te pae tawhiti kia tata
Whaia te pae tata
Whakamaua kia u, kia tina

Madam Speaker ?

This Maori proverb commands us to reach for the horizon, for the stars, to bring them close, and to hold them tight.

And Cam Calder in his maiden speech

My mother?s example taught me the value of hard work and personal responsibility. She encouraged me to dream my dreams, to reach for the stars.

How sad. Copying The ALP, Pansy Wong, Chris Tremain and Cam Calder.

Labout are out of ideas, out of policy, out of time.