Let me get this straight

So Paul Buchanan tells a towel-head that her grades aren’t good enough and get arseholed from Auckland University for racism and Margaret Mutu says whitey isn’t welcome and academic freedom must be protected?

Auckland University is standing by the controversial head of its Maori studies department, despite calls for her sacking.

Professor Margaret Mutu said white immigration to New Zealand should be restricted because it poses a threat to race relations due to immigrants’ “white supremacist” attitudes.

In a statement, Auckland University vice-chancellor Stuart McCutcheon said academics had a right to free speech.

“The vice-chancellor understands the concerns raised over Professor Margaret Mutu’s reported comments but believes very strongly in the right of academics to comment on issues in which they have expertise, even when those comments may be controversial.

“The Education Act protects the right of academics, within the law, to question and test received wisdom, to put forward new ideas and to state controversial or unpopular opinions. That is an important right in a free society.”

I mean really?

What about the drumming out of Paul Buchanan? Will he now be re-instated?

Will UNITE union be running pickets outside the Auckland University demanding the sacking of Margaret Mutu like they did against Paul Henry?

Where is the outrage of Martyn Bradbury like the outrage he showed against Paul Henry?

What does Pablo think of Margaret Mutu and Auckland University?

The rank hypocrisy of academia and the left wing is astounding.