Making up the news the Green way

The Waikato Times had an article in the print edition this morning Aabout a family that is presumably on struggle street.

They also had it online but strangely they have attempted to make it go away. Google still has a link to the article:

If you try and click thru you get a Page Not Found error. Why is this?

Well probably because the Waikato Times has been duped by Green candidate Max Dillon Coyle. You see the story isn’t about a struggle street family, it is about his family and he has been proudly tweeting the news to anyone who cares to listen, including a photo of the article, which is where I got it from.

This is shameless electioneering and manipulation of the news by a Green candidate, and he has been caught out. Pity the Waikato Times was likewise caught out.

Perhaps they should teach basic Google skills for journalists these days? But more importantly, did Max Dillon Coyle disclose that he was a Green party candidate when they agreed to do the article? Did his partner disclose the political connections either?

I wonder what Metiria Turei and Russel Norman think about the ethics of their candidate in manipulating the media in such a callous way. It seems?ethics does not apply to the Greens obviously, they are shielded from ethics by a strong armour of sanctimony.