Money well spent

My mate David Tipple must be laughing out loud this morning at the success of his advertising campaign for his Fathers Day sale at Gun City. The wowsers have attacked and now he has front page billing in the country’s biggest daily.

A Father’s Day promotion at an Auckland gun shop offering a “mystery firearm” for $1 to the first person to spot it on the racks has been labelled sick, sad and irresponsible.

But the man behind the bargain stands by his offer and says the dad who gets the gun will be “God blessed”.

As part of its annual Father’s Day sale Gun City in Mt Roskill is offering a special deal to one lucky punter on Saturday. If they spot the gun with the $1 price tag – it’s theirs to buy, providing they have a current Firearms Licence.

But anti-gun lobbyists say the promotion may send the wrong message to the public.

Professor Kevin Clements, director of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Otago University, said there were already “more than enough guns” in New Zealand.

“I think that it is a very sick and sad promotion for Father’s Day,” he said.

I think it is a great promotion and just because it has bent Keith Locke and the gun wowsers out of shape I might just go along. Look at their gay comments.

“Gun cultures survive by promoting what is known as ‘hyper masculinity’. Such hyper masculinity is somewhat out of sync with a masculinity that favours good parenting, family attachments, equality, sensitivity to women and so on.

“The messages that Gun City are sending are likely to heighten gender divisions and create something of a pall over what should be a day when fathers immerse themselves in family, friends and the joys of home.”

What a load of namby-pamby rubbish with not a shred of evidence to back it all up. I’d rather have hyper-masculinity than gayed down, limp-wristed wowser-ism. My missus wants a man who can protect his family and feed them through skill.

Since it bends them out of shape so much here is a little song for them of about hyper-masculinity gun culture.