National?s list ranking, Ctd ? Blokefest, Ctd

National should really be looking long and hard their list ranking committee and president for delivering up a list that got them some pretty stink headlines.

The pity is that it could all have been avoided.

If National had placed some of the blokes in nice safe seats down the list and moved talented women up the list in to their spots it would have appeared National were more interested in promoting women. It would have been moot given the large number of electorates that national is going to win, but at least the list would?have?appeared more balanced.

Instead they clumped them at the bottom making it obvious to all that it really is a blokefest. Of course the problem is only compounded by having 24 women to choose from.

The party really needs to have a good hard look at itself at a post election review. It is more likely though to be a self-congratulatory pat on the back about how well they all did rather than the critical warts and all review that a proper organisation would hold.