National List Ranking, Ctd – An Alternate view

As usual it is up to Cactus Kate to pour all the rest of us into our bottles with her alternate view of National’s list ranking:

Another list is announced from the centre-right and more wallowing from opposition parties about the lack of representation of women and minorities on the National Party list this time.

Let me share some reality with the critics. Female voters don’t necessarily vote for other women or panty-waister pinko parties as of right.

John Key (a male) is the most trusted political leader to mind your children.

Truth is that women will vote for men. It seems especially they will vote for John Key. They love him.

The Opposition are clutching at straws criticising National for fewer women than statistically represented in New Zealand. Who cares? They are WINNING. Women are voting National in droves anyway.

Even poor people are still voting National, 38% of them, which is higher than any poll Labour has currently

She is dead right. My point though was that there are talentless male hacks listed well above talented females. She then has a crack at me for that sentiment and fellates Farrar for his statistical analysis of the list.

Any attempts to smear National or ACT lists as somehow less valid than others because of their apparent lack of diversification, is short-sighted and doesn’t actually take into account each natural voting demographic.

I couldn’t care less as to the gender or ethnicity of ACT’s top 10 candidates and have fought against tokenism in those positions. I think in general they got the personnel reasonably right except for one slot, the ordering was slightly different to what I voted on my members poll, however pretty close.

Smearing centre-right lists also without seeing the lack of talent in the top ten or even twenty of the Greens, Mana, Maori and Labour is also a blatant attempt to analyse politicians on the colour of their skin, gender or how old they are rather than any objective test of merit.

Will a journalist for example ask the burning question of why there are no non-Maori persons on the Maori Party list? Or for that matter, high achieving suit wearers on the Mana Party list? And an under-representation of white males or professional females on both?

ACT may have no Maori candidates of any note at all but I will bet the Maori Party has no non-Maori persons on their top 20 either. Yet the Maori Party can go totally unquestioned as to their total lack of diversity.

At the end of the day it is up to the voters to decide whether a Party is representative of them.

And right now in the polls, Labour and the left don’t have any grounds for criticising National at all.